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Learn to Paint in a Loose Style with Oils or Acrylics


A brief look into what you can expect from this course. 

Landscapes filled with light are highly sought after by collectors. Artists love to paint these landscapes for good reason. Why does the loose style make this objective easier to achieve? Here are som ...

Please note resource to download with more brushwork tips.

What does loose brushwork look like? There is not one way to use your brush. But loose brushwork does not look the same as flat layers of transparent pigment either. So let us begin by observing brus ...

In this bright and sunny painting I am continuing to focus on simplification of a scene. There are more topics to look at too. There is the contrast between warm and cool color that plays a major pa ...

In Part 2 I try to bring the painting together by:- re-establishing dark shapes. - Checking edges are soft where necessary- Adding highlights where necessary- Adding a few fine brush marks for sugges ...

Remember the movie Shrek? The part where Shrek explains to Donkey that ogres have layers. Like an onion!Well impressionist paintings have layers too. That is what makes them rich and interesting to lo ...

A painting demonstration where I build up layers of paint. Also note the complimetary colour relationships between yellows and blue/violets. The warm and cool colour temperatures shifts also play a ma ...

Now we carry on and Develop the Shapes

Final layers to bring the painting together. The reference photo is attached if you would like to try out the painting. Alternatively use your own reference and experiment with layers. Try three layer ...

In this demo I use the "box method" to draw the shape of the boats. Often the curving lines of a boat can be tricky to get right. This drawing method can be used for any subject.  Then I do into the ...

In this stage you want to define your shapes, establish your concept and prepare for the finish. But if you have a change of mind about something - then take a moment to work out the problem and fix i ...

Adding the last touches does add a little magic. Judge for yourself if this painting turned out okay despite my changes mid-way.

Your drawing challenge and article download: 4 Essential Tips for Loose Painting

No more fear of painting water. You are going to learn an approach that you can confidently use painting any water surface.

This is a summary of a painting to give you an overview of how this painting was achieved. You will note the process is similar to the other paintings. We will then go into more detail in the next les ...

Now let us analyse the painting in steps to give you a structure to follow with your painting.

What goes into getting that impressionist look to water? We take a look at Monet's approach in some of his famous paintings.

An bonus video lesson similar to the others, but with a few more variations and information that may be of interest to you.

Inspired by a beautiful morning at the beach. Waves and sea action around rock pools are always a great subject. Especially when the light is right and colors are at their best. In this demonstration ...

In Part 2 I have to make a few changes to improve the composition. It is important to catch these things early so that you avoid having second thoughts when the painting is finished. Stand back, asses ...

The final stage is all about the top layers on the water. Getting the illusion of movement and making sure that the painting reads well overall.

What about portraits or figures even? Here is an approach you can use for loose and expressive portraits. Try it out and don't worry if it looks strange to begin with. With some practice you can ...

I have experienced the frustration of getting stuck in my painting rut. The solution? Focus on the basics. Here's how I do this.

The first step to getting unstuck is to focus on the basic process. All things are built on a basic and strong foundation. Painting is no different. Let us see these basic steps in action.

Now to Block in the darks. lights and mid-values. But it goes further when you see how the plan and structure come together. How the large brush makes such a difference. Cover the entire surface with ...

Final Touches, Assessment and More About Keeping Color Clean:In his video I conclude by looking at ways to keep your paint color clean, strong and vibrant.

We all love to add highlights to get that special sunlit landscape. But it is easy to get this wrong too. The usual problems are:Beginning with the highlights too soon before the foundation of strong ...

Okay I have the basics in place. A composition with light and dark shapes established. This middle section is tough though. I find that I need to re-establish the darks. Plus I want the painting to be ...

Now to press on and finish the painting. This final section is all about layers of paint to get the sunlight into the scene. Carefully add dabs of paint and leave them alone. Remember that you are add ...

The final painting in its frame. Has this painting succeeded to convey light? Maybe some mystery as well? overall I am happy with the way it turned out. Especially with the middle stage struggle. Anot ...

On a similar topic this demonstration shows another subject where I have boosted light and color. The idea here is to show how your Own Interpretation of the scene is what makes art. 

You may spend a lot of time starting the painting correctly only to lose your way in the end and overwork the painting. Let us look at how to fix that. Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind when ...

The demonstration of the final stages of the painting.

Did the final result meet the original idea? Did I go too far with the final stage? Time to assess.

Do you feel like cutting loose with your paintbrush and painting fast and spontaneously? I believe that loose does not mean sloppy. Instead you can let down your guard and paint freely with vigour and ...

This painting is not based on a specific reference. Instead I am relying on memory and other experiences to paint a simple composition in a quick and spontaneous manner. Fast and loose! However I am f ...

When faced with a complicated scene filled with details the loose painting approach is wonderful to use. The idea is to suggest what is going on without getting bogged down in detailed drawing and "co ...

Now we begin adding the thick layers of paint. Note how each brushstroke is distinct. I do not blend the strokes. Rather I put them down and leave them. That is essential to getting the juicy painting ...

The final stages of the painting. The emphasis has been on how to simplify the mass of boats. The end result I think does achieve this without losing some of the atmosphere of the scene.

A step-by-step walk through how I approached this painting. The decisions on color, composition, reworking areas and correcting errors.

Knife painting is a wonderful way to get loose painting effects. Also texture and energy plus exciting color variety. But first what paintings knives are best? This lesson is about my selection of pai ...

There are many techniques to use, but I prefer this approach. That is using an underpainting to start the process. Then move into the knife painting stage. This helps amplify the effects. The underpai ...

The end of the course ... or is it? :)No I will be updating and adding to this course over time. As I learn more about my own painting journey I will update the course.PLUS: There is much more to find ...

This is a full landscape painting demonstration that I did live in my studio. I have added detailed commentary. You will see all the steps take to create this loose and warm landscape. Enjoy.

Now that you have completed the course here is a full demonstration painting from the module on painting yachts and water. I hope that you enjoy this forty-five minute video with me. All the best.

A short step-by-step look at impasto painting to add bold, juicy paint to a loose landscape. Also note warm and cool color notes working together.

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