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Learn how to make kinetic hanging art mobiles


In this section I welcome you to the course, go over some of the topics we will cover, the goal of the course and explain what the course is about and what it is not about. I discuss a bit about the m ...

Students will gain a understand of mobile making fundamentals; mobile naming conventions, lexicon, types and styles of mobiles including the difference between craft and fine art mobiles.

In this section we go over the minimum materials needed to design and construct your mobile. Included is a Materials and Tools Shopping Check List.

Students will gain insight into the tools needed for making their mobile prototype. Some tools they will already own and a few others will need to purchase from an art store, and or home improvement w ...

Famed American mobile maker Alexander Calder was well-known for taking a coil of wire with him wherever he traveled and bending the wire into all kinds of works of art including jewelry and even kitch ...

Students will learn about: hanging hooks, assembly cardinal rules, labeling elements and supports.

Students will learn all about: supports, connectors, balance points, articulation/kinetic movement, andhanging up a finished Mobile.

In this hands on Step by Step lecture learners will: learn about creating  2D rough draft mobile sketches, trace and cut out their mobile elements paper templates, transfer paper elements to mat boar ...

In this video you'll dive right in using coiled wire to support your elements we made in the last video, create end loops, balance point loops and work with jump rings.You will also start using t ...

In this video you'll use the round nose pliers to add a balance point loop to your first section of your mobile with the two elements. Once you complete this 1st section you'll then move on ...

In this section we cover a bit of mobile fine tuning by making sure jump rings and end loops are closed, and wires are arcing nicely.

For this painting Step by Step you'll paint your hanging elements with paint from your tubes of acrylic paint. Keep in mind  spray paint can be used well.

Yours truly has created an informative How to Make Mobile Art Resources List .PDF for you! You can find it in this lectures’ Resources Folder. There are links to mobile making materials, tools, good ...

You completed your mobile making journey with me AND hopefully reached our goal – you made your very own cool modern hanging art mobile! Congratulations! You can now use your new found knowledge and ...

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