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Learn how to paint fine relealistic fur, an amazing eye, work with layers, wet in wet washes, muscle structure and more!


"How do I paint a horse in watercolour?" This is a question I've been asked many times.  So now here it is! Let me guide you step by step in watercolour and together we will work on the detail, ...

In part one of the horse study we will look at applying masking fluid to preserve the white of the paper for the mane.  We will then add a range of foundation washes before removing the fluid to begi ...

In Part 2 it's time to paint the eye in detail and start to map out the body hair directions for this lovely horse.How are you doing so far?Paul :-)

Let's get that first layer of detail onto this horse. We will work with creating the shapes by using directional brush strokes.Any questions so far do drop me a message here,Paul :-).

In Part 4 we really get stuck into the detail.  We add the second layer to the face and body and start to create even more of a realistic feel.It's really coming together now isn't it.....h ...

In this final part we will complete our horse painting! We will work on the final layers and the mane.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.I would love to see your finished painting.I'll see you i ...

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