en PROFESSIONAL COURSES how to paint a realistic raccoon in watercolor paint fur 5/5 (1)

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Learn to detailed, layered looking paint fur, realistic eyes, use watercolour white, paint textured wood and much more!


This Raccoon is an excellent project if you really want to learn how to paint long fur!  There is certainly plenty of it.  It is also a good project for really capturing the life within the eyes as ...

This is the first part of this Raccoon watercolor painting lesson. Here we will make a start by drawing out, adding the background and painting the eye!You will be able to practise wet in wet washes b ...

Part 2 of this lovely raccoon! In this section we will start to add those much-needed foundation washes, in preparation for the details later.Let me know how you are doing so far, and do contact me if ...

In Part 3 of this tutorial we will really start to add and build on those lovely details, let's get stuck in!How are you doing so far?Paul :-)

We are now at Part 4 of this lovely Raccoon watercolor lesson.  In this section we will get most of the detail work on the fur completed.How's it going so far, I would love to know.Have fun,Paul ...

This is the last part of the lovely Raccoon watercolor lesson. In Part 5 we complete all the detail in the fur, add the watercolour white highlights and finally paint the wood.I really hope you enjoye ...

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