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Guide to help couples plan for their perfect destination wedding!


Discussion of how a budget will help in your planning.

Overview of Budget Spreadsheet available for download.

First steps in the destination wedding planning process.

Steps to take in hiring a wedding planner.

Steps to take when planning a reception after your wedding.

Steps to take when hiring wedding vendors.

Why it is a good idea to hire a travel agent to help with your plans.

Stationary needs for your wedding.

Example of wedding website you will be shown how to build.

Step one of how to build your very own wedding website.

Step two of how to build your wedding website.

Final step of how to build your wedding website.

Step by step timeline we followed during our wedding process.

Timeline of what needs to be done during the preparation process.

Important information every couple needs to know when planning a destination wedding.

Important steps in preparing for your special day.

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