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...and boost your psychic ability into outer space!


In simply beginning, you will have taken a significant step in the acceleration of your spiritual growth and abilities.

The list of lessons to learning to read the Akashic Records that will boost your psychic ability into outer space!

Frequently Asked Questions that we have received over the last 20 years

More Frequently Asked Questions that we have received over the last 20 years

In this section we will go through the Guidelines for Reading and Accessing the Akashic Records, and we cannot stress enough how important it is to follow these guidelines at all times.

At the end of this session you will fully understand the type and levels of information that you can obtain from the Akashic Records.

You will soon go into the Records, but first you must understand the ways information comes through to you.

When you open your own Akashic Records or those of others, you will see a group of Mentor and Guides appear.

In this section, I am going to help you stimulate your psychic awareness to allow you to become increasing proficient at reading the Akashic Records.

The first of the four easy psychic awareness exercises is the Simple Candle Exercise.

Psychometry is the practice of reading a person by holding an object belonging to the person in your hand.

In this exercise I will teach you to see the aura around a person or thing.

Find a Tarot deck whose pictures ‘speak to you’. We will use that to enhance your psychic abilities.

The Violet Flame is a powerful, high frequency tool for cleansing your aura and space, as well as transmute past life imprints and resolve karma.

Congratulations — you have made it this far and your world is about to greatly expand!

Akashic Record Practice #1 — The Prayer For Reading Self

Akashic Records Practice #2 — The Prayer for Reading Others

Some years back a man named Burt Goldman developed a method enabling him to quantum jump into other dimensions or realities to meet his own other multidimensional selves. Here we teach you how to do i ...

Read through this entire Quantum Jumping journey first before you listen to the audio journey I have provided for you so that you have a good idea of the process before you begin.

In this section, you will access your own Akashic Records through Meditation.

To get prepared for this meditation, light a white or pink candle, and do your Violet Flame visualization before you begin.

Answers from the Akashic Records are a free online Group Akashic Records session held by Ahonu & Aingeal Rose on the first Sunday of every month.

Medical Advice Disclaimer: The information in our training materials, workshops, websites, consultations or emails is not purposed to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment or even advice. ...

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