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Ultimate guide to learn how to store food and water


Here's a big list of foods that you can store:Canned:SoupsChicken/beef/vegetable brothSpamRoast beefHamTurkeyChickenPulled porkVienna sausagesPotted meatTunaSalmonSardinesSquidClamsBeans; black, ...

When it comes to long term food storage, you'll see people storing food in a variety of ways. I'm here to give you the best advantage possible. If you'd like to try other ways that you& ...

Here are some additional ideas on where to store your food:Under the bedUnder the couchBehind the couchUtilize wall space by putting up shelves or new cupboards on the wallBuy or make shelves to go up ...

When you add food, immediately jot it down. When you remove food, immediately remove it from the list.I like to use a physical sheet, write down what's inside of a bin, then place that physical s ...

Alternative cooking options might include:Rocket stovePros:Very easy to construct yourselfUses small twigs and other small fuel sources to create hot heatPortableEasy to useCan be used over and over a ...

How to grow sprouts:You can sprout from almost any seeds, even dried beans!Buy 'sprout' seeds or try sprouting any seeds that you have.Get a mason jar, place the seeds inside and fill the ja ...

Water can stored in areas that get warm, keep the water covered and out of direct light.If it would make you feel better, storing water in containers such as the water bricks or totes, jerry cans or e ...

During an emergency, the prudent thing to do is to fill up every container in your home as possible. Fill up your bath tub, sinks, cups, bowls, 5 gallon buckets, etc. Fill up everything that is availa ...

Here are some of the best ways to purify water:Whenever you're looking at water filters, be sure to look at the microns and understand what microns means. Essentially, the smaller the micron, the ...

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