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The Best Collection of Healing Methods (Meditation, Healers, EFT, & more) to Relieve Anxiety, Insomnia, & Stress


This course is for information purposes only. Please consult with your health practitioner before making any changes.

This course is to introduce you to all types of healing that I've discovered over the decades of learning and traveling. Dr. Nemeh does Skype healings, so there's no practice video for this ...

This video shows how there can be more to healing than just looking at only one's physical aspects. There are over 1500 documented cases how people heal by more than just physical reasons.

This gives two scenarios of how your energy can have an impact on someone and how their energy can impact you—negatively or positively.

Joy Klein shows you a quick, easy way to use rub acupressure points on your hands to feel better.

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