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Learn how to prepare for and walk your Camino with confidence.


Yes, I really was on the Camino! Enjoy this "360" view of my experience as I make my way from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compestella.

Good news...walking the Camino is not hard! Life is full of things that are hard, and this is not one of them. You must prepare for a great challenge, but it can be quite manageable.

Everyone is different, and therefore everyone's Camino experience will be different. Learn from others, while you look forward to crafting your own UNIQUE Camino experience!

I was shocked at the heavy backpacks that some pilgrims started out with! Let's talk about why this can be a big mistake and how to avoid it.

You'll need to resist the temptation to pack something because someone else said you'd need it. You'll maintain control over your own Camino and be steadfast in packing light!

Creating your gear list can be maddening as you look at other's lists and consider all the possible options. But really all you need will be footwear, clothing, outerwear, and a backpack. Let ...

This lecture contains the ONE SINGLE ITEM that I recommend by name, as well as discussions about trekking poles and clothing.

Next to footwear, I'd say that selection of rain gear is the greatest concern for the prospective pilgrim. In this lecture we walk about the options.

Should you wear boots? Trail Runners? Trainers? There are lots of "experts" out there who will tell you that you must wear what they wore. But in this lecture I'm going to tell you there is ...

Many gear reviews just take up space on the internet! We'll learn how to quickly decide which reviews to read, and how to interpret what we do read.

A guidebook can assist you on your Camino, but it won't BE your Camino. It this lecture we talk about different guidebook features to help you select which kind suites you best.

Are you walking your Camino for you, or for your audience? Answering that question BEFORE you start walking could save you a lot of time and effort on your Camino.

Not all types of training are equal...let's talk about some tips that can specifically help you walk your Camino.

Fear not, Spain is well suited to provide a happy and secure environment for your Camino.

It's true what they say, that "we've all go to go sometime." And some pilgrims do die on the Camino. But many, many, more pilgrims truly LIVE on the Camino.

Check current travel information and be flexible when making your way to the starting point of your Camino.

Your Camino may be different, but here's what MY typical day looked like.

A spotter's guide to the different types of Peregrino's you'll share the Camino with.

Want to avoid serious injuries on your Camino? Then don't push yourself.

Cash is king on the Camino, but your card may not work in all cash machines. Here's a plan to keep cash in your pocket.

We'll talk about how to keep your clothes clean while saving both time and money.

How to not get lost on your Camino.

Ladies, this lecture is mainly for YOUR benefit.

Not everyone on the Camino will have your best interest at heart. Let's talk about how to deal with the jerks you may meet.

Oh, how we like our "comfort food!" Be it coffee, tea, or food, you may find yourself having the opportunity to forgo your usual habits and try something new.

Blisters...such a small thing can ruin such a big adventure. Take care of your feet, and they will take care of you on your Camino.

Will you be tied to the "outside world" on your Camino? If so, here are some tips to get connected.

Christian history abounds on the Camino. Here's a quick overview of the people and scenes you'll see in artwork every day on your Camino.

Your return home after your Camino may have some rough spots. Let's anticipate them and figure out how you'll deal with them.

Your pilgrimage doesn't end in Santiago...it begins in Santiago! Did you learn anything on your Camino, or get some insight in making changes in your life? Good for you...now go about making ...

You may not think much of this section right now. I mean, it's SO FAR in the future, right? That's OK. Just file it away in your memory, and watch it again after you walk your Camino. ...

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