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Steps to a Beautiful Floral Painting


Welcome everyone to my watercolour workshop to discover the wonders of watercolours. Hydrangea’s are one of my favourite flowers in my garden. In Ontario, Canada, our soil is alkaline, so normally o ...

Let’s begin by printing out the Instruction guide (includes supply list), photo reference and transfer sheets.Paper: 140 lb cold press paper (half sheet or smaller) minimal size 12” x 16”, plus ...

Decide if you wish to paint a smaller version of the hydrangeas or a larger one using the two transfers.· Tape the computer transfer sheet to a window or lightbox, so that the backside lines can be t ...

What is masking fluid? Masking fluid is latex-rubber fluid that is applied to your watercolor paper, will work as a resistant, preserving the white paper or wash underneath. It is often referred to as ...

POURING: Make 5 medium washes of Alizarin crimson, Ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue, New Gamboges, and Sap Green separate small saucers or dishes. Wet the entire paper with a large flat brush. Place yo ...

Masking fluid: Apply masking fluid again to a few more flower tips, especially if you have a wonderful colour happening on your petals. Warning: try not to cover all your flower petals with masking fl ...

Start by painting each individual petal of the flowers. Always wait to paint the petal close by. Soften some of the edges of the violet wash. To add more interest, change the violet to Alizarin crimso ...

Remove all the masking fluid and salt.Flowers: Each of us will have different colours applied, use a darker value of the violet or red or blue, paint from the center of each petal leaving a white cent ...

Look carefully at the leaves. Paint only the light green leaves with Sap green, leaving some of the first wash peak through for the veins. For the medium value leaves, use Hooker’s green. To add mor ...

Make two washes of burnt sienna and burnt umber. Re-wet the larger branches with clean water. Imagine the sun to the right of the painting. Apply the burnt sienna on the right and burnt umber to the l ...

By adding shadows at this point, you will start to become familiar with the subject and the highlights. Make a medium wash of Ultramarine blue and Alizarin crimson and paint the shadows (probably the ...

In order to make your leaves more dramatic, we need to make two medium washes of New Gamboges and Cerulean blue. With quick strokes, apply the yellow to any leaves that are in front and the blue to an ...

Now look at your painting 5 feet away and ask yourself does it need more darks in the flowers or in the leaves or in the background. If so add them now.What did you learn?o How to create your own Tran ...

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