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Hypnosis- Overcome Baldness Using Self Hypnosis, Imagery, Affirmations & Visualizations


Hair loss is one of the fastest growing problems all over the world. It affects both men and women of any age group. Hair loss or baldness can decrease self-esteem and confidence, and limit one' ...

Understand what is self hypnosis and remove all your myths about self hypnosis. There are lots of myths attached to self hypnosis, like self hypnosis is a sleep, hypnosis will make a person lose his ...

In this lesson, let us learn about the Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind and how they function

Learn to overcome baldness and hair problems using self hypnosis techniques

Learn about reprogramming your sub conscious mind using self hypnosis

In this lesson, I will program your subconscious mind with a powerful visualization technique to stop hair fall and overcome baldness. Visualization is a very powerful tool for programming the subco ...

Repeating positive affirmations in the state of self hypnosis relaxation is one more powerful way to program your subconscious mind. Repeating positive affirmations will help you reprogram your thin ...

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