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A 4 week Energy Reading Course. Learn how to identify and read energy in yourself and other.


Learn how understanding energy can be a powerful catalyst for change and empowerment. It can shift addictive behaviors, including drugs, food, and relationships. It's the difference between depre ...

Learn about the 7 physical chakras and what they mean and where they are located in the bodyUnderstanding symptoms as your body’s way of communicating with youLearn to listen and understand your bod ...

Learn about Barbara Brennan’s 5 Auric Personality Types and how they relate to body typeLearn about which auric personality you are operating fromLearn how to identify different auric personality ty ...

Learn about the Clair’s of psychic gifts (Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance) and how they relate to specific areas of your bodyUnderstand where you are sensing energy from ...

Learn how to tune into the 7 levels of the fieldLearn about aura colors and what they meanLearn techniques to see auras

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