en PROFESSIONAL COURSES impressionism paint this countryside path in oil or acrylic 5/5 (1)

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Learn Impressionism techniques by creating this landscape painting. For total beginner through advanced painters.


Quick introduction on me as an artist, concepts of Impressionism, and foundational art techniques that we'll use during this painting.

Here you will find the downloadable resources needed for this painting course: The reference photo that we will use for the painting, as well as a version overlaid with a simple grid.The image of my c ...

Here we do a preliminary drawing study in charcoal. This step enables us to study the drawing and values of our subject, and discover any problem areas while it's still this quick initial sketch, ...

Here I perform the underpainting, and discuss how it relates to the Preliminary Drawing Study we just did. I discuss the simplified color palette we use during this stage. Also a bonus explanation on ...

Here's a brief tutorial on how to clean your palette and brushes, since I had so many students who asked me how to do this. Apparently it's one of those basic things that some art instructo ...

Now with our full color palette, we begin laying in the opaque paint of the painting: beginning with the sky, clouds, and distant mountains.

Continuing to work forward in the landscape, we do the group of trees and begin working on the path.

Moving forward still, we do more of the foreground grasses and the path in the shade of the large foreground tree.

Here we're able to finish the tree in the foreground, and just do some general touchups.

Here we summarize the entire painting process, from charcoal sketch to the last brush stroke. We also touch again on several concepts utilized during the painting.

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