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Paint Like The Masters


THE IMPRESSIONIST FLORAL STUDIES IN ACRYLICS: INTRODUCTIONA brief introduction of the instructor and the course content. Participants will follow the footsteps of masters such as Van Gogh and Monet a ...

Creating a pencil sketch of the flowers with extending some of the petals over the picture plane. Following with the basic colour application to the flower and the background. No need for small brushe ...

The petals need to vary in colours and tones. Emphasis should be placed on establishing the depth by bringing darker tones towards the flower's centre while adding white and light pink colours t ...

Time to enrich some of the colours included in the petals and background. Especially the use of rich Alizarin Crimson and  Quinacridone Red will help to achieve better depth in each of the flower ...

Time to focus on details to create a stronger illusion of 3D. The flower's centre is of special importance since it stands out in terms of its colours and shape.

It is always important to have the last view of a completed artwork to objectively decide if it can be left the way it is or if a couple more paint strokes need to be added. To gain this objective vi ...

Create a pencil sketch following the reference image.

Re-draw all pencil lines with regular Sharpie markers in blue (flowers, vase and table edge line ) and green (leaves and stems). This will be very useful to trace "lost" sketch lines while applying he ...

Before applying the actual colours seen in the reference image, cover the surface surrounding the vase and flowers with a wash of: 1.) Yellow Ochre/Oxide Yellow (table surface), and 2.) Any pink or ve ...

Apply heavy layers of green paint (Phallo Green and Titanium White) inside of the leaves' outlines. To break the colour monotony, add some yellow mixed with green to some sections of the leaves. ...

The flowers will be completed with two blue colours: Phallo Blue and Cobalt Blue. Apply paint generously to the flower sections. To enrich the colour composition, you can also add Ultramarine Blue and ...

Time to refine the shapes for flowers, stems and leaves. With a smaller brush and/or edge of diamond shape palette knife, add or move some paint. Pay a special attention to introducing small patches o ...

To complete this painting, some of the outlines need to be re-painted with blue (Phallo Blue) or green (Phallo Green) colours. Voilà! The masterpiece is complete!

Create a pencil sketch following the reference image. Follow up with application of light purple (Dioxazine Purple) in the sky section. Add dark green (Phallo Green & Burnt Umber or Ivory Black) to th ...

Create stems and leaves using light green colour (Cadmium Yellow  Light, Phallo Green and Titanium White). Use pink (Magenta, Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Red) and Cadmium Yellow LIght to paint f ...

Concentrate on introducing the tonal changes to the flowers to create volume. 

Enrich colours of the flowers and leaves by adding some additional colours such as blue and yellow while improving the flower's shape.

Add the last patches of some colour to create a vibrant and unified colour composition. Voilà! The masterpiece is complete!

Providing some suggestions for the future floral artistic endeavours.

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