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Discover Location Independent Careers that Allow You to Travel the World While You Work


As a Digital Nomad, the question always is: How can I extend my trips? Earning money while on the road is a perfect way to increase the length of time you travel. With the technology available now, ...

Scott talks about the importance of being an Expert in your field and how you can start.

In this lecture, Scott Paton and Ricky Shetty discuss the potential of creating online video courses to develop an income stream as you travel the world. Scott is in Chisinau Moldova. Ricky is in Tri ...

Ricky shares his experiences as a Coach. As a coach, you can work with clients all over the world on your own schedule.

Once you have a lot of One-on-one clients, the easiest way to expand your coaching to to grow into Group Coaching and Mastermind.s

Ricky Shetty talks about how he became a Best Selling Kindle Author. Recurring books sales can become a passive, location-independent stream of income.

Scott Paton has been building websites since 1999. He shares how this occupation can bring you extra work as you travel.

Social Media is all the rage. But most small businesses have no clue about it and no desire to do it. Learn how being a Social Media Manager can give you extra income as you travel.

If you like sharing cool things, then consider Affiliate Marketing. This is where product recommendations by you result in commissions on all recommended products that are sold. 

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