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Bourbon, Rye, Scotch and more


Hello! Welcome to my course on all things whisk(e)y!

What is whisk(e)y? How is it made? What makes different whiskies different? What makes them similar? A brief introduction to the whisky making process.

What do all the terms on the bottle's label mean? What do they tell us about the whisky contained within?

How do you go about trying a new whisky? What's the best way to approach a whisky to get the most out of it?

We start with American whiskies. What makes a bourbon or a rye? We taste through some typical examples and discuss non-distillery produced whiskies.

Our first Scotches: Whiskies from the Highlands and Speyside. What does it mean for a whisky to be "sherried"?

Now we visit one of the most storied Scotch regions, the island of Islay. What is peat? What sort of effect does peat smoke have on a whisky? We also discuss some of the other scotch producing islands ...

We discuss blends, which make up the bulk of all scotches sold worldwide. Are single malts really 'better' than blends?

There's a whole world of whisky out there. We discuss some of the other important whisky producing countries, including Ireland and India. Yes, some of the best whiskies are coming out of India!

We go into extra detail about whisky production. We discuss different sorts of casks and the aging process. What is chill filtration and what does it do to the whisky? Whats the deal with added colori ...

Some final thoughts on building up a collection, next steps and how to properly store whisky.

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