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Suitable for beginner or intermediate artists, you will learn to paint a botanical watercolour of Eucalyptus leaves.


I'm a botanical artist living near Canberra, Australia and I teach botanical and insect illustration. I love sharing the joy of botanical watercolour painting. Every time I paint a new plant, I l ...

Here I'll go through the basic equipment required to get started with botanical art. There are many more gadgets and gizmos, and of course colours, but this should be enough initially, and certai ...

Welcome to my first online tutorial! I love Eucalyptus leaves, they are an iconic Australian subject, easily recognised and loved. I will show you my method of painting these leaves of the Eucalyptus ...

I'll talk about the importance of using a live specimen, and the ways that you can arrange your specimen in preparation for drawing.

It's important to get a detailed sketch of your chosen plant on sketch paper before you transfer it to your watercolour paper.

A tonal study of your specimen is very useful to refer to while you're in the painting process, so I'll talk about lighting and how to get the basics down before moving to the next stage.

Once you've completed your drawing, it's time to transfer it to your watercolour paper. There are several methods of doing this, and this is the easiest, using a window or lightbox.

When you have completed your drawing, it's time to transfer it to your watercolour paper. This is another method of doing this, it is more time consuming than the window, but good for detailed dr ...

I have found during my time teaching, and my many years painting, that the consistency of the paint is a crucial factor in watercolour painting. Here I will show you how to mix colours on your palette ...

The first painting technique I will demonstrate is 'wet in wet' - wetting the surface with water, then applying paint to that area. It is a valuable technique which can be used extensively i ...

I'm going to mix some greens here, and I'll show you how to test these and then compare to the actual leaf. It's not always a case of blue and yellow makes green, you may need some othe ...

I will continue here with the wet in wet technique, this time applying the green mix, and showing how you can build up layers of paint, with the paint soaking in to the paper.

Now that I have the base layers down, I'm going to work on one leaf using 'wet on dry' technique. I will build up more colour, starting with a watery mix, and gradually the paint applie ...

Moving on to another leaf now, this one is much darker so I will show you how to mix and apply a 'shadowy mix'. Then more work on building up this leaf with the wet on dry and dry brush work ...

This leaf will once again be built up with wet on dry and dry brush, and I will also talk about how to hold your brush.

I've saved this leaf for last - it is fiddly and tricky, and will challenge your eyes and your hands. Because this leaf is behind two others, you will need to be very careful about working around ...

Step back and look at your painting as a whole. Compare the light and shade on each leaf. Where do you need to touch up? Do you need more shadows? Do you need to lighten anywhere? Are there messy area ...

Oh the colours in these stems! So rich and red. Although they are not very wide, I will discuss how to paint the light and shade on stems. Also refer to the 'light and tone' document which i ...

Almost done! Place a border around your painting and you will be amazed at how good it looks! This can also help you decide where to sign your work. So surely you're finished... or are you? There ...

When we use so many washes on a painting, the paper will often buckle. Don't fret - there is a solution. Here I walk you through the simple process of stretching paper to make it much more presen ...

I did say take a look at your painting over a few days to see if there's anything else you need to add. And now I've found I do need to make one more change to my painting. A cast shadow, or ...

This leaf has a hard edge around the margin. Here I will show you how to correct that.

We often have areas of our painting that we have overworked. This leaf has too much pigment sitting on top, and it's just a bit of a mess. I'll show you how to take it back to a stage where ...

When we are working with very wet paint, the pigment will sometimes spread to the edges and form a hard line. Sometimes this is OK, for example if it's the edge of a leaf. However, often we don&# ...

If you have gone a bit too dark with one of your leaves (or other subject) and feel that you have lost the highlight, you may be able to get it back. It may not be as light as the other highlights, bu ...

I wish I could say my spills on this painting were deliberate, but they were not. Sometimes they just happen. I do recommend protecting your work with paper. However, it's good to know that these ...

Thank you for joining me! I hope you are happy with your progress and your painting. Remember, you have your own style, unlike anyone else's, so just work with that, and keep practicing!Important ...

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