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Increase Intuition and Psychic abilities with simple and fun techniques. Unlock inner gifts and abilities. Be the light.


This video is an introduction of what to expect during the course.

Welcome to the course! Here is a quick bullet-point video of what you can expect when taking the course. There is more content to come soon, so stay tuned :)

I encourage you to take that leap of faith to trust your self and your abilities.

This exercise will introduce you to the energy that already exists within you, and how you can use it to answer questions for you.

It can be helpful when tapping into your intuition, to raise your energy level. This video explains some techniques on how to do just that.

"The Formula" is a simple yet very powerful technique to have the things that you want in your life appear, and it's the backbone of my "Confidence for Sensitive Warriors" program.  In this vid ...

This is a meditation exercise to help you raise your energy level by focusing on the energy that lives inside of your individual body parts.

This is a guided meditation exercise to raise your energy level through breathing your some of your major energy points.

Using the information we learned about NLP, this video explains how to use an object or photograph to tap into it's specific energy. 

You can use your Intuitive abilities and how you process and receive energy to make powerful and beneficial choices in your life. Here's how!

Have you ever felt just weird, with no good reason behind it? If you are an empathetic and sensitive person and as your Intuitive abilities grow, you will sometimes find that you are receiving energy ...

This is a personal story of how not listening to my intuition cost me dearly.

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