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Learn everything you need to know about using low-volume drip irrigation for your landscape or garden.


Just a few notes that might make your course experience better.

Drip irrigation has it's roots in agriculture. We'll take a few minutes and explore the history of drip, which is useful in understanding it's current and future roles. 

The choice to use drip irrigation is easy to make when one knows of it's incredible benefits. We'll talk about water conservation, money savings, and the incredible efficiency & uniformity ...

You'll learn all about the essential components of a drip system, pressure regulation and filtration. This is an important part of any drip system to ensure that drippers don't get clogged ...

In this lesson, we'll look at 3 examples of drip filters and the different configurations they come in. We'll consider all the factors that one needs to select the right product for your app ...

This starts a comprehensive study of dripline. You'll learn how to plan a project and all the factors that come into play.

In this lesson, you'll learn to choose the correct product by understanding the guidelines and specs. It's easy to make mistakes in the planning process if one doesn't consider the flow ...

Check valves are an important option to consider for dripline projects. We'll discuss all the reasons to use or not use a check valve drip line.

We'll touch on an installation method of burying dripline underground.

Vacuum relief valves are an important option for many drip systems. In this lesson, you'll learn when and how to use them. 

Flush valves are another important component to consider. Learn all about them in this lesson.

Learn everything you need to know about the tradition method of drip irrigation. We'll discuss the specs for 1/2" and 17mm drip tubing and how to use the connector systems.

With a solid drip tubing base, the possibilities are nearly endless. Learn the difference and correct usage for drip emmiters, bubblers, and micro-sprays.

We touch on a few quick pointers about the different projects that one can undertake with drip irrigation.

Step by step instructions on adapting an existing zone of rotors or spays to drip irrigation.

We'll examine all the factors that go into the installation of a whole zone of dripline.

In the next three lessons, I'll show you a project that incorporates several different types of drip. Planning is the most important step, we;ll go through all the details.

You'll get to watch a complete drip project as I install and narrate each step. Just about everything is used, a pressure regulating filter, vacuum relief valve, dripline, and drippers in pots a ...

The last phase of any project is to test your work and clean up!

A quick introduction to Pro Irrigation Training's resources.

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