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Cooking typical Roman dishes exactly as my grandmother taught me over 40 years ago!


In the first lesson, the great classic of Roman cuisine, explained in simple terms. Pasta alla Amatriciana .Fausto Soldini

After this video I hope I have given you the basics for making a good Cacio e Pepe pasta. If it doesn't come out right the first time, don't give up, try again and again, you'll see tha ...

Gricia is said to be the ancestor of Amatriciana, and I am convinced that after tasting it, it will become one of your favourite dishes. Fausto Soldini

One of Rome's iconic dishes. The most (badly) copied dish, this is the version my grandmother taught me.

Zero Sei Trattoria Romana's Tiramisu explained for the first time. There are no secrets, no tricks! Just a pinch of love.

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