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Unleash the Italian Chef Within You!


Welcome! In this video I will introduce myself and we will start with the first valuable contents! I will explain the meaning of food for Italians and I will give you the two golden rules to use in ev ...

In this video we will see the list of ingredients we need for our recipe, plus other important information such as cooking time, number of servings and other info ... including a final magic trick!

In this video we will take care of the preparation of all the ingredients that we will need for our recipe. We will clean and cut the vegetables first and then move on to the fruit. The video includes ...

In this video we will explain and make together the famous Italian "Soffritto" (sautée)! The Soffritto is the basis of many Italian dishes of meat, fish, vegetables and also the famous Ragù Bolognes ...

In this video we will start cooking the pork loin, once our sauté is ready to receive it! I will also explain a little trick to keep the meat juicy and tender while cooking.

In this video we will focus on cleaning the chestnuts so that they are ready to be combined with our recipe. I'll give you a little trick to make peeling easier. In the meantime, we will check th ...

In this video we will proceed with the cooking of the pork loin and add the apples first and then after about 10 minutes the chestnuts. At this point our dish will start to smell and make us really wa ...

In this video we will finish cooking our pork loin and I will reveal a second trick to keep the meat juicy and soft. We will make a first taste of the sauce and adjust the salt level. Now everything i ...

Hurray! Our recipe is ready, now it's time to serve our fragrant pork loin, cutting it into slices, and adding the side of apples and chestnuts sauce. To be a perfect  Italian chef, let's n ...

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