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League of Legends Itemization Course


Itemization is one of the most important concepts in League of Legends. Items decide the individual performance of a player, and without it their action will be lackluster.

The most basic of items in League of Legends. When the game starts in a typical match on the Summoner's Rift, a player will be given 500 gold to start the game. These 500 gold should be spent to ...

A starter item built by champions that benefit from AD. It gives a decent amount of AD and a bit of omnivamp.This is preferred by laners that really need all those extra stats.

This is your go to item for poke lanes. Not every lane is about brawling every time your cooldowns are back.

This is the standard starting item for Ability power based champions. It is very similar to Doran's Blade except that instead of Attack Damage the item supplies Ability Power instead.

Killing a minion grants the user with +1 extra gold. This stacks up to a maximum of 100 gold where the user will be rewarded with an extra 350 gold and disabling this passive.

This is an item that is exclusive to junglers. It can only be purchased if the player has smite as a summoner spell. The Ember knife gives everything a player wants when jungling; from extra damage, M ...

Another item that is exclusive to junglers in league of legends. Similar to the Ember Knife and only different through its active. The item can only be purchased if you have smite as a primary summone ...

This is technically not classed as a starter item in the League of Legends Wiki. But we added this as it is very commonly used by players as a starter. This is better utilized by top laners.

Basic items belong to the lowest tier of items. They are cheap and provide a small assortment of stats for the player. Like starter items in League of Legends, basic items do not have any components

Boots are also a basic item in League of Legends. Picking the correct boot is heavily matchup/game dependent.

Epic items are similar to Advanced items. The textbook definition of these items are; Items that are built from at least one basic item, but can be further upgraded

The strongest items in League of Legends. Mythics are game changing purchases that can break or make the game for you and your team. These items are limited to “ One per user”. Currently there are ...

This item is one of the few items in the game that provides its users with invisibility.

This item is great when you need the extra mobility to keep up to an enemy or to create some distance.

This champion is great Ability powered assassins. It gives you a bit more burst and a much needed mobility boost to keep up to your targets.

Upon use your champion will dash in a straight to the target champion.

Remember when you were playing a fighter against a tank and the Trinity Force did next to no damage because of the enemies massive health pool. The divine Sunderer was created to help you counter just ...

This is the brawler's dream item. The longer the fight goes , the stronger you get.

Dash to a target location and deal damage upon arrival.

This item is the perfect item for duelists that want to have more dueling power in their kit.

This item is perfect for all those ages that lack some sort of reliable cc.

The user can dash in a direction specified. Cannot pass through walls. The champion will release a burst of rockets that deal damage to enemies hit.

The answer to tanks. Magic will find it difficult to damage tanks and bruisers in the mid to late game once they start stacking enormous amounts of health. This item will help you deal with them by bu ...

This item can be useful in so many scenarios. Do you need the extra wave clear and burst damage? Or do you need the extra move speed to kite enemies? In many different scenarios Ludens Tempest will be ...

For ability powered duelists this will be their go to Mythic of choice. It will boost the damage you deal to enemies over time.

When you champion immobilises or slows an enemy champion, it will deal damage to them marking the enemy. When an ally deals damage to a marked enemy, the mark will detonate to deal extra damage.

Ever had trouble initiating a fight because you could not catch up to the enemy? This item is a mini Sivir ultimate that lets you do just that.

This item was just made for champions such as Zilean and Karma. This will allow you to stay back and help your carries to survive by constantly healing them

Having trouble winning teamfights? Getting absolutely destroyed ? The Locket of the Iron solari might give you a fighting chance. It gives a considerable shield to everyone around you when used.

Your champion will dash to the target location( cannot dash through terrain). Upon arrival, you will fire 3 homing missiles that will hit a nearby enemy with the lowest health.

This item hits like a truck. It is a mini Vayne on an item. In some ways it is better than what Vayne’s Silver Bolts provides as this scales off your bonus AD not off the enemies max HP. Therefore y ...

The perfect item to counter burst and increase survivability. Sometimes, damage cannot be evaded by quick movements, in such a case this is the perfect item to give you a fighting chance.

This is a unique item that does not give hard cc to your kit. But what it does give is the ability to stick to a target. The item will slow units for a short period allowing your champion to stay in r ...

Ever felt like your tanky character has not enough damage to be a threat? Do you want more power to duel enemies? Sunfire Aegis was designed to give all the beefy meatshields a chance at dealing damag ...

A great item when you need the ability to rush towards a high priority target such as a carry.