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~A Journey Through Japanese Hardboiled Poem~


What kind of instructors will be teaching?This is an introduction to the haiku course.

There are two rules in haiku.One of them. I will explain about seasonal words.

There are two rules in haiku.One of them is the 17 syllables.

Tanka and Senryuu are two poems that are very similar to Haiku.The difference between these two and Haiku will be explained.

I will explain the beauty of the "5, 7, 5" syllable, which cannot be ignored when talking about haiku.

How did haiku come to be?What are its roots?These are simply explained here.

We will appreciate spring haiku about rape blossoms.

Appreciate haiku about the sea in spring.

We will appreciate haiku poems written to lament the passing of spring.

We will appreciate what may be the most famous haiku of the summer.

We will appreciate summer haiku that deal with living and dying.

We will appreciate summer haiku that make full use of the five senses.

We will appreciate autumn haiku that depict even things that are not depicted there.

We will appreciate winter haiku that express wabi-sabi through contrast.

We will appreciate haiku that beautifully express the atmosphere of spring coming.

Finally, we will appreciate an excellent haiku poem in which no image comes to mind at all.

Review the rules of haiku.The second is 17 syllables.

Finally, we will actually write haiku.

A good technique to know when writing haiku.The first is cutting word.

A good technique to know when writing haiku.The second is to use notation.

Explain about "haigou".It is a pen name for writing haiku.

Haiku is free.This will be explained again with examples.

I will send you a final message thanking you for taking the course.

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