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Watch 2 professional organizers in action guiding Judie through her personal decluttering and organizing journey.


We are honored to share with you Judie's Story. This is a great opportunity for you to see how working with professional organizers look like. Asking for help when you feel stuck is very import ...

In this first episode, Judie gives us a tour of her apartment. She shares her challenges, the reasons why she is doing this process, and her desired outcomes. We recorded all of this content as ...

In this second episode, we get started decluttering and organizing Judie’s kitchen. Watch how we follow our process of decluttering, optimizing the use of Judie’s existing cabinets and findin ...

In this episode, we are working on Judie’s closet and bathroom. Judie shows us the spaces and lets us know what she would like to see. Then we follow our process of decluttering and organizing. Yo ...

In this episode, Judie shows us her main storage space, the entry closet. She is facing the challenge of not having enough space to store her things. In this session, we are going to take everythin ...

In this episode, we are dealing with the most challenging space for Judie; her bedroom. Judie loves clothes, shoes, accessories.. but right now she doesn’t have enough space to store it all. ...

In this episode, we are going to help Judie declutter and organize her living room. We will also take care of a few little details and do a lot of beautifying! This is the most fun part for Judie, t ...

In this episode, Judie invites us over five weeks after we finished the decluttering and organizing process. We wanted to do a follow-up visit to see how she is maintaining all the changes we imple ...

In this episode, Judie shares her reflections about the whole process. She shares all theemotions she went through and gives advice to those who are in the same situation as she was before gettin ...

We hope this series added value to your life and inspired you to take action in changing whatever is causing you frustration. A new beginning is always possible! If you can't do it alone, don� ...

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