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Have you ever dreamt of living abroad for a longer term?


Please see my video to get a better understanding of what intercultural communication means and how you can actually prepare yourself and deal with different cultures and possible misunderstandings. I ...

Welcome to my new course where you will learn how it is to live abroard and what you need to make your dream come true.

Moving abroard is a big step which can be scary but it is also the biggest move out of your comfort zone so be proud of yourself. Participants will know what is important to know in order to make the ...

The big day of your move has come! Exciting! To ensure a smooth transit from one country to the other, I suggest to schedule phone calls with your friends from home but also to go out and meet new peo ...

So the decision is done. You are moving abroard. Now begins the good preparation. Therefore I suggest to go step by step from the most urgent one to the last things to manage.

Now that you have arrived in the new country, install yourself, get slowly comfortable, meet other Expats and Locals, take your time, get to know your new job and why not start journaling or another h ...

Now you are settled and I hope you enjoy your new home.

I want you to reflect on your stay abroard. What challenges did you overcome and how? What are the things you are proud of most? Have you ever started journaling? It help in order to give your thought ...

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