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Based on various forms of Indian Martial Arts. Fully accredited by WCTTA Poland.


Welcome to the Kalari - Strength and conditioning training program. This program is based on different kinds of Martial arts workouts and drills from India. This program is suitable for people who are ...

This program will give you a perfect opportunity to improve your strength, conditioning, stamina, endurance, flexibility, stability, power and a focused mind.Whether you are invited to participate by ...

We will start with some of the stretching and dynamic warm-up exercises

SIDE SQUATS:Each side squat should be on an exhale.When you are side squatting on right leg ensure that your knee and foot is aligned, and the left leg must be straight with the left foot facing towar ...

Yuddha Kalaa (All round fighting system) demo by my students in Poland. I invite you to participate during this video.

This is a Demo by my Intermediate group. However, if you notice there are also the Knee Tap Jumps included.

This is a short demo session with my beginner group. However, all the workouts from Level-1 have not been included. This demo is just to give you a feel about a Kalari - Strength and Conditioning Sess ...

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