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Kitchen Basics

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Learn the basics of the kitchen, from food hygiene to knives, build your confidence, to enjoy creating in the kitchen.


I love to cook and have been doing it for as long as I can remember, but like most things in life, the preparation is a BIG part of cooking. It also gives us confidence to explore and experiment. T ...

Lets look at what is essential in a kitchen and what is nice to have and a luxury to have. As you build your cooking skills you will want more eqipment I expect- but do you really need it?

You will use these most days, so lets understand what they do, and which ones do what!

here are some more pots and pans that you can use in the kitchen, I go through what they are, how you would use them and how they can be versitile.

We can bake many items, from bread, cakes cookies, muffins etc, and they all have baking tins and pans to help us. Here is a description of the main ones.

Knives have a purpose, so we will be looking at what they do and why they are made the way they are. It is important you understand the basics of knives.

You own the knives, now lets sharpen them and care for them. You will learn how to use different sharpeners and what surfaces you should cut on and which you should not!

So many ways to prepare vegetables. Lets learn some different ways to cut them up and cook them. Variety is the spice of life, and cooking vegetables in different ways will really pep up a meal.

Once again we need to use different ways to cut up meat for cooking or serving. Lets learn what these are and how to accomplish this.

Understand the idea behind boiling food and the uses and pitfalls of boiling food.Learn how to boil food, including safety with boiling water in a kitchen.

Understand the idea behind baking, and what we bake and tips on how to know if your oven is at the correct temperature. Learn how to bake.

Understand the concept of Roasting, why it differs from baking and learn how to roast food.

Understand what Poaching is, how we poach and the why you might use poaching.

Understand how to stream your food or just wilt it. You will be able to do both and understand the difference.

Understand how to deep fry and shallow fry, what each method is used for and teh safety aspects of them.

Understand the different ways to grill, the versatility of grilling and the safety aspects of grilling.

Understand how to Fondue and safety aspects of using a fondue.

Understand how to cook with a microwave and the benefits and safety.

When you cook, you will need to skim off fat or froth from the top of the dish, you will know a few methods to do that from this section.

Learn why personal hygiene is the one of the most important food safety skills you can learn, help reduce food poisoning for yourself and others.hand washing is the first line of defense, learn why ...

Understand how bacteria multiply and the temperatures they love to thrive in, so you can have control in your kitchen. What do they do in the freezer, fridge or when cooked? The answers might surpri ...

A light look at what causes food borne illness, summarising many of the lectures above.

What else can contaminate our food? Learn here so you can feed yourself and others safely.

Understand the importance of where refrigerated items should go in the fridge. Why this will help you and how to stay on top of this when others go in and out of your fridge. Understand the storag ...

What lives in the kitchen? Learn how to keep pests out, and why we need to.

Cooking is about YOU! It is important that you understand what you like to eat, to cook with and shop for. No point in cooking a dish if touching the raw fish and cleaning it is going to turn you of ...

Cooking is still about YOU! Learn about to adapting recipes, how you do that and why you would do that.

Everyone one of us is an individual, so how you flow in your kitchen is very important. Learn why taking time to sort this will save you a lot of time in the future. We all have an infite amount of ...