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Solving the Cube Made Easy


This lecture is important, so that you will know why to learn to solve the Rubik's Cube

Please carefully study the watch the moves, this will help you when you will study the course in more details.

It is very important that you know the colors. Initially its important to know the opposite color, like yellow is opposite to white, it will help when you when you will solve the cube for speeding ...

It will help you for searching the color. The edge will replace the edge, similarly for the corners. While solving and searching colors your eyes will search for the specific part.

You will actually start playing the cube, its the first step.

Repetative moves, will increase concentration.

Practice this step, it the foundation for all the coming steps

Its bit tricky, the focus will be on how you hold the cube. hint - study cases in image.

Remember - Adjacent edges - Algorithm only once - Fixed edge in right hand and other at back. Opposite edges - Algorithm twice. - One fixed edge in Right and other left.

Its will improve hand to eye coordination. Some repetition of initial steps.

its a Summary of the course.

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