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Exploring Watercolor rocks - Create 6 Simple Demo's to bring your Landscape or Seascapes to Life.


Introduction to our Watercolor Rock Class. Learn how to paint some fun and easy rocks using watercolor? Try my simple easy tips an tricks to creating some attractive yet simplistic rocks that you ca ...

We will cover all the supplies needed to complete this watercolor Rock  Course. In this section Students can view the video for materials needed for these projects .  Remember this course has lif ...

If you are new to Udemy you may find this quick tutorial helpful. I'll discuss Playback issues, where to post Questions, where to find your resources in the lectures, and  how to leave or skip a ...

In this lecture students will learn how to create a more rustic rocky coast line, by create texture and using a wet in wet technique. Students will use Yellow Orche and a shade of purple along with a ...

Students will create a smoother more rounded style boulder using some softer shades of purple and blues. We will continue using a wet in wet technique and create shadows and more details with a black ...

In this lecture Students will learn to create a island from a distant view. Creating texture along the base of the island and using darker values. We will also sketch in some trees along with some clo ...

Students will create a more detailed granite style rock using a splatter technique along with some white gouache to added more highlights.

For our 5th style of painting rocks students will learn to scale the size of a small island using very little strokes and details to create the look of rocks from a far.

We'll learn to create rocks using grey and using a dry brush technique with less water. We'll learn how to tint gouache and how to create without a lot of water. Creating texture with very l ...

Here are a few more options other than white gouache for highlights.

Let's do a project using the last demo to create a painting.

I have added a lecture from my original lighthouse painting so that you can see how to incorporate your rocks into a painting.

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