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Quickly learn how to play blackjack perfectly and count cards easily and beat the Casino for a profit.


I talk for a minute about the course. This is simple Blackjack and Card Counting. All you need to know with out all the extra crap. You'll learn how to play the game, how to count, and how ...

This is a simple lecture about how to play blackjack. I use cards for examples. You must use a chart to see Basic Strategy and what to do. Use this all the time when practicing or if you're ...

This lecture goes over some extra plays that can be performed by the player that increase our profits when things are in our favor.

How to Count using the Hi-Lo System. 2 - 6 = +1 7 - 9 = 0 10 - A (ALL faces) = -1 Positive counts are good for the players. High counts mean more faces left in the deck which help the p ...

True Count = Running Count DIVIDED BY Decks remaining in the shoe(cards left to be played).

Practice a lot to get proficient at blackjack! It takes a lot to be able to count easily and quickly in a casino environment with complete accuracy.

a brief intro to team play. This course for information only. Good luck!

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