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Show Business is 50% Art & 50% Business, this course will educate you on the business to control your career.


Learn the full history of how these Business of Acting courses and workshop began.

We will go over the materials that will be covered throughout the course.

Branding is an essential element to understand roles you can book early in your career, understanding and properly identifying your brand will lead to more opportunities with Casting Directors, Manage ...

This chapter will breakdown how to properly find Representation and give insight as to how to manage your manager and maintain control of your career.

Understanding the world of the Casting Director will help give you a clear and specific direction to focus you energy and get in the room for shows you would like to book.

We will go over Audition Techniques to help you book work.

Learn techniques to deliver a strong, memorable performance that will fully embody the character.

We discuss some creative ways to stay engulfed in the art and constantly work our craft to strengthen our acting abilities.

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