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A Beginner's Numerology Course


Lesson 1 is getting to know the power of your name and it’s magical attraction. It’s the secret to the understanding others in amazing ways. Welcome to the world of Numerology.

Lesson number 2 is the art of laying out the name by transposing each letter into numbers. Each number have their significance as determine by the name you were given at birth or presently use now.

Lesson number 3 gets to the heart of what each of the numbers mean in a general way from one to nine. Both positive and negative meanings are given. The key is to look for what number or numbers are r ...

Lesson number 4 is designed for you to get to know yourself in ways that open your eyes to your strengths and limitations. You’ll get to know about others in this way also.

Lesson number 5 is about finding the level of life you function best. Are you a down-to-earth person? Are you business-minded? Perhaps you’re a sensitive, creative, and artistic soul. This part of t ...

Lesson number 6 begins with “why” you’re here. Your mission, your purpose, your destiny. Things you need to learn, know and master for your personal journey in this life.

Lesson number 7 goes further into your birthday, which your destiny number is derived. It’s teaching you the observation of reading the birthday like reading the name.

Lesson number 8 takes it to the next level of your birthday that guides you through your formative, productive, and harvest years, and how they affect you.

Lesson number 9 speaks of the Universal and Personal Year Cycles that no one can avoid. It tells or suggest your best times to take advantage of the flow of things and times it’s best to wait for an ...

Lesson number 10 teaches the synchronicity between the sciences of Numerology and Astrology. This section gives the basics as how they both correspond by way of the planets that rule them.