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Become a confident breadmaker with the help of chefs Nancy Silverton, Hugh Acheson, and Sean Brock.


Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson introduces our course on breadmaking, plus one of his favorite breads to make at home. (Get the recipe in Section 3!)

Quick breads rely on leavening agents like baking powder and soda, rather than yeast, for a tender crumb—which makes them a great place to start. in this video, former Bouchon Bakery chef Sebastien ...

When most people think of scones, they think chocolate, cranberry, and orange—but not Sebastien Rouxel. The former pastry chef to the President of France, he helped Thomas Keller develop this hit re ...

There's a lot of folklore around biscuits: Some say you need the right kind of butter. Others say only one kind of flour will do—but for chef Nancy Silverton, it's all in the technique.Wat ...

Before you bake any kind of bread with active dry yeast, you'll have to activate or bloom it first. In this cooking video, Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson shows us how to do it without a thermomet ...

For your final breadmaking mission, it's time to show yeast who's boss. Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson will be your guide as you master the art of fluffy, springy Parker House Rolls. Watch thi ...

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