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Learn how to cook flavorsome Moroccan Couscous dish, delicious Moroccan Tagine, Moroccan Harira, Zaalouk, tea and Msamn


Couscous is the first thing tourist ask in morocco, we have different types and versions of couscous but if you mention “couscous” in Morocco, people will usually assume that you are referring to ...

Tagine is actually the name of the earthenware cooking pot made of pottery. The tagine can be used to cook almost anything, from eggs, to ground beef, to bread.The tagine is cooked slowly at a low tem ...

Harira is a soup Made with chickpeas and lentils and tomatoes. This delicious and wholesome Moroccan Harira soup is full of protein and has a comforting, homely taste that fills you up immediately aft ...

Zaalouk A plate of grilled or fried eggplant with tomato sauce And roasted pepper, garlic and spices. You will usually eat this dish before the main meal, such as tagine or couscous, arrives. However, ...

Msamen is a square, crispy Moroccan flatbread made with layers of folded, paper-thin semolina dough and delicious butter. Some people eat it with soft cheese, jam, or dipped in olive oil, but Moroccan ...

Green tea with mint and sugar. All around the world Moroccan mint tea is probably the most famous emblem of Morocco. Everyone knows about it and loves it, but making it remains a mystery. Here you wil ...

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