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A step by step guide on how to draw a beautiful Mandala Design. Experience art therapy.


Overview of the course and a few tips for the course.

Learn the meaning and uses of Mandala.

You will understand about all the art supplies that goes into creating a Mandala Design.

You will understand about all the art supplies that goes into creating a Mandala Design.

You will learn to create a grid that will work as a guideline while drawing your Mandala. This is an important step as it forms the foundation of your Mandala structure.

Step by step instruction on how to create a grid.

You will learn how to draw petals of different shapes in this section.

After drawing the petals, you will learn to draw intricate patterns in them in this section.

An array of different styles of Mandalas. You can draw inspiration from them and experiment with different shapes, styles, color and come up with your own unique Mandala Artwork.

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