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Learn how to groom your dog from start to finish including bathing, brushing, health & safety, and styling


Lets talk money! How much will you need to spend to get started? What's included in my estimation?

Lets talk time - how long will it take you to learn grooming? How long will a full groom cost? 

Lets talk location! Where is best in your house to do the groom? What do you need to consider when choosing a location?

What sort of person can make a good Dog Groomer? What temperament do you need? What are the physical restraints of Dog Grooming? 

All about scissors and clippers, is more expensive better? Why? Blenders, Chunkers, or Thinning Shears? 

Lets look at what type of clippers you can choose - whats the difference between cheap & expensive ones? Should you choose a Ceramic Blade or Steel? What do all the numbers and letters mean? 

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