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Including strawberry lemon, milk chocolate lavender honey and dark chocolate mocha truffles!


A detailed list of the ingredients needed to make 3 different truffle flavors, as well as the utensils and equipment.

Print out or download the detailed recipe for these creamy white chocolate strawberry lemon truffles.

Print out or download the recipe for these lovely milk chocolate lavender honey truffles.

Print out or download the detailed recipe for rich dark chocolate mocha truffles.

What is a truffle? What is couverture chocolate? What is....? Rob answers some of the most asked questions about truffles and chocolate.

Using a liqueur, learn step by step how to create this velvety smooth ganache by infusing the key flavors of strawberry and lemon into white chocolate using Limoncello.

By infusing dried lavender flowers into hot cream, you will learn how to bring the perfume notes of soft lavender with sweet honey into luscious 33% milk chocolate.

The "tried and true" flavors of coffee and chocolate are blended together to create these rich dark chocolate mocha truffles.

Whether you're hand rolling your ganache into little bite sized balls, or cutting it into squares - both techniques are shown in detail.

What is a tempering machine? What is the benefit of a tempering machine? How to use one and do you need one?

See just how easy it is to finish your little work of art with simple style.