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Combined manicure from A to Z


First Lesson , about nail structure, 10 main nail parts, definition and function

Lesson 2. How to choose materials according to the nail length , how that affects quality of the manicure.

2 main shapes oval and square, how to position file and check on movements to get best results

How to choose drill bits according to the skin types,  coarseness is affecting the final result and look.

3 main areas of cone shaped carbide drill bit and how to remove correctly old material in 5 zones of the nail. This technique will allow you to complete removal of gel in less than 10 minutes

Important step to prepare nail for drill bit work, how to expand lifespan and help efficiently remove dead tissue from surface of the nail plate.

Position, speed and moves to use safely flame drill bit, step by step guidance with full explanation.

Position and hold of scissors is essential in combined manicure. 4 easy steps of Perfect Cut.

Secret of perfect look skin Effect like on Instagram is here, silicone polisher for smooth and shiny skin around nails.Plate levelling to create a correct nail architecture and as a result long lastin ...

under cuticle gel colour application technique to avoid leaks and floods. Top coats , diversity and how to choose the right one.

Practical Part with description and recap on every step of the combined manicure.

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