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See how different drawing techniques can help you create more mindful experiences in your life.


Welcome to the introduction to mindful drawing. In this course, you will be given tools to help you improve your mental wellbeing, using drawing as your muse. Some people struggle to meditate, and som ...

Let's look at how shading can become mindful and help you to find a rhythm and accuracy without the stress of drawing realistically.

Check out part one on mindful shading with our first geometric cuboid with alternative shading gradients. Use your pencils here to try and go from dark to light in rows keeping the shading as smooth a ...

Let's take a brief look over what to expect in this mindful mountain section. Get your pencil and pen ready and let's make some artwork.

In stage one, we look at decision making and understanding the fundamental principles of a mountain when it comes to drawing. The good thing about a mountain drawing, is we can't really tell when ...

In this lesson, we will look at the different options after we create the basic structure of the mountain. Feel free to make this your own and get creative. You can add more lines, introduce dots, or ...

Let's take a look at what to expect when drawing mindful mandalas. Grab your pencil, your fine liner an maybe some different shapes that are circular to make life easier for yourself.

In this lesson we will look at the structure of mandalas and how they are created. You'll need your circular shapes, maybe a candle, a cup, some tape, to help you create your mandala easily. Then ...

This is the best part of a mandala drawing. You have done your outline, you have repeated your patterns and created the structure of your mandalas. Now that you have done the hard work, you can use a ...

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