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A complete course how to make use of all the fantastic feature in Cricut Design Space.


An updated Version 6.7.201 from 6.6. New features introduced in their version will be collections and Offsets. Cricut will kept on updating its software we will introduce it as and when its available ...

How to create you new Cricut ID using mobile works both iOS & Android

Includes Cricut Joy blade & housing. Cricut Joy doodling pen included.

Includes fine point blade and rotary blade for fabric. 2 cutting mats light grip and fabric grip and doodling pen.

Simple way of setting up of Cricut Joy using desktop/notebook.

Here's the step by step instruction how to setup and activate your Cricut Explore Air 2.

In order to perform Print Then Cut a Calibration Test a must for Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Maker only. Note: Feature not available for Cricut Joy.  You are require to print a test copy of calib ...

Calibration feature not available for Cricut Joy and all the materials Cricut Joy able to cut.

Please perform update firmware in order to have all the latest feature Cricut Design Space have to offer that's include machine update as well like foiling for Cricut Explore Air 2 and Cricut Mak ...

What are the custom materials, its setting and cutting pressure explained. Type of blades used for certain materials and multi-cuts it performs.

Please take note if you still have Cricut Cartridges in your drawer! Now you can be able to link up all your cartridges to your new Cricut ID. What is Cricut Access? -Explained

Setting your native language, 3 types of grid full grid, partial grid and no grid & storing your projects in Cricut ID or on your computer for offline use.

Template is more or a guide for you to make a project. Its a visual guide for us to position and alinement.

How to use download and use projects in Design Space and customise its size and cut.

Category search, sub-category, image set explained, how to look for free images. Project Type - explained

If you are a Card making and looking for a phrases.

Single layer to multi layers cuts, what is ownership? Brand like license images

Download images from internet and upload it to our Cricut ID and how to convert image file jpg to a cut line file using auto tracing. After saving the file we can access it from our mobile device. Ext ...

Changing from a basic cut downloaded image to draw, debs and engrave. Cricut Joy only restricted to draw others not applicable and not supported.

How to change the cutting position to preserve the longevity of the mat and selecting mat sizes.

How to use the icons on all the four edges, resizing, rotation and selection.

Applicable to Cricut Joy from basic cut to draw, For Cricut Explore Air 2 Basic Cut to draw score and foiling. Cricut Maker will have the largest selection like engrave, perforation, debossing, foilin ...

How to use mat preview in Cricut Design space.

How to turn off the layers explained in Cricut Design Space.

Here on the new version on Cricut Design Space a new introduction on Kerned Fonts and new Maker 3  & Explore Air 3 modes.

How to use system fonts, Cricut Fonts and download them, letter space, line space explained

How to download Cricut fonts and use them and align them up.

How to weld single letters to a combination of words.

Changing from a curve to a funky circle text.

A project which we will combine all the text, curve and insert basic shapes to making a tag project.

When everything was done its time to save it in your Cricut ID and computer for offline use.

You will learn how to search a font and download to use. Using weld feature to weld on Cricut download font and using Offset and changing the size of offsets. Creating multiple layers of offsets on to ...

Step by step we insert a single layer image and how to edit using contour plus adding multiple images using flip feature.

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