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Learn from Marco Ropke a fourth generation pastry chef with twenty five (25) years of international experience.


WELCOME TO MY SCHOOL!THE ONLINE PASTRY TRAINING CENTRE."One of the best instructors I’ve ever encountered, Chef Marco’s knowledge is extensive and his passion for what he teaches is inspiring. I w ...

Below are a few tips & tricks which you might want to read through and review as you get started in your new field of Pastry Arts.

Recipe conversion tips and tricks.

Know the difference between a professional baker oven, and a home oven. This lecture will teach you the rule of thumb when adjusting for home recipes vs. professional recipes.

Best practice when using either a Kitchen Aid Mixer, or a Professional Pastry Mixer.

General rules, and tips on preparing yourself before you begin to bake or start any recipe.

These are the recommended and essential tools you will require. While not all are mandatory, we do recommended taking our outline serious to be able to excel!

An introduction to 'The World Of Cookies'.

Learn about the different Characteristics of Cookies, as well as baking methods, and history.

Learn about the different classifications and mixing methods of cookies.

Recipe Yield: 50 PiecesRecipe Ingredients:200 g Butter, vanilla dough100 g Sugar, vanilla dough2 piece Egg Yolks, vanilla dough1 Pinch Salt, vanilla dough300 g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour, vanilla dou ...

Recipe Yield: 12 CookiesRecipe Ingredients:200 g Almond Paste: DGF 50%140 g Sugar40 g Nuts: Almond Powder20 g Honey40 g Egg White50 g Nuts: Almond SlicedMethod:Mix all the ingredients together except ...

Recipe Yield: 680 gRecipe Ingredients:130 g Butter60 g Brown Sugar (Demerara)80 g Sugar1 g Salt1 g Vanilla: Vanilla Extract1 piece Eggs200g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour2 g Baking Soda160 g Chocolate Ch ...

Recipe Yield: 24 CookiesRecipe Ingredients:160 g Butter100 g Sugar1 piece Egg Yolks150 g Flour: Soft Pastry Flour30 g Seeds: Sesame Black30 g Seeds: Sesame White75g Nuts: Coconut Powder (Medium)1 piec ...

Recipe Yield: 24 CookiesRecipe Ingredients:150 g Marzipan30 g Sugar Icing20 g Butter30 g Honey1 piece Egg White100 g Jam RaspberryMethod:Roll out the sweet paste, cut it into desired shape (5 cm wide, ...

Recipe Yield: 75 Pieces Recipe Ingredients: 280 ml Cream 33% 280 g Sugar 56 g Honey 56 g Butter 1 g Vanilla Extract 280 g Nuts: Almond Sliced, Flaked 100 g Dry Fruit: Cranberries ...

Recipe Yield: 12 CookiesRecipe Ingredients:100 g Butter125 g Sugar Brown (Demerara)1 piece Eggs60 g Organic Steelcut Oats30 g Seeds: Sunflower Seeds30 g Golden Flax Seeds20 g Millet30 g Fine Coconut P ...

Recipe Yield: 400gRecipe Ingredients:45 g Almond Paste: DGF 50%120 g Sugar Icing2 piece Eggs110g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour15 ml Cream Whipping BlendMethod:Blend together the marzipan and the icing s ...

Recipe Yield: 24 CookiesRecipe Ingredients:200 g Butter80 g Sugar Icing50 g Almond Paste: DGF 50%1 piece Egg Yolks240 g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour1 piece Lemon Zest1 ml Vanilla ExtractMethod:Knead sl ...

Recipe Yield: 450 gRecipe Ingredients:100 g Butter50 g Sugar1 piece Egg Yolks1 Pinch Lemon Zest1 ml Vanilla Extract1 g Spices Cloves1 g Spices Cinnamon Powder75 g Nuts: Hazelnut Powder125g Organic Cak ...

Recipe Yield: 12 CookiesRecipe Ingredients:50 g Butter90 g Sugar1 Pinch Lemon Zest1 piece Eggs1 piece Egg Yolks135 g Flour: Soft Pastry Flour5 g Baking Powder40 ml MilkFlavour Ideas:Fennel & LemonMade ...

Recipe Yield: 400 gRecipe Ingredients:50 g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour150 g Sugar75 g Butter75 g Juice Orange1 Pinch Orange ZestMethod:Mix the sugar and the flour in a bowl.Add the orange juice to the ...

Recipe Yield: 600gRecipe Ingredients:105 g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour1 g Baking Soda1 g Salt85 g Butter125 g Sugar Brown (Demerara)1 piece Eggs195 g Butter: Peanut Butter50 g Nuts: Peanuts, broken / ...

Recipe Yield: 500 gRecipe Ingredients:100 g Almond Paste: DGF 50%2 piece Egg Yolks1 ml Vanilla Extract1 Pinch Lemon Zest55 g Butter100 g Sugar Icing200 g Organic Cake & Pastry Flour50 g Sugar50 ml Egg ...

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