en learn to draw a portrait using the shade brush of paintology 5/5 (1)

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You only need one brush to make a really cool portrait drawing


This course will teach you to make a good first drawing of a portrait on the Paintology android app using just one brush tool.I suggest that you use a tablet and a stylus for this drawing to develop y ...

This video will help you to install and become familiar with the important sections of the Paintology app

I use the reference image loaded into the Paintology canvas to do the outline for the actual drawing. This is an important step as it helps you to keep the proportions accurate for the eyes, nose and ...

Drawing the face is all about the tones and the shade brush tool of Paintology helps you to achieve this faster. This specific brush tool does not have the hard edges of other brushes, although you ca ...

The final stage of the drawing helps you to study your whole drawing and continue to build up the textures, shades and corrections to make a really striking drawing.Try another one of the free Udemy c ...

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