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Explore your creativity with the Sacred Art of Mandalas and step into your daily life more relaxed, grounded & clear


Welcome to the Mindful Mandala course!My name is Patty and I'll take you on a journey to explore your creativity using Mindfulness tools to connect with yourself from a place of love.

Learn in this video about the meaning and history of Mandalas.

Learn about Mindfulness and why it is so important to incorporate this practice in your daily life.

Learn step by step how to apply Mindfulness tools to the creation of your Mandala.

Let's have fun! In this section you will start exploring your creativity by playing with some doodle art: you will find inspiration in nature and use your imagination to create beautiful patterns ...

Now it is time to create your own Mandala. You will learn step by step the basic drawing technique as well as apply the Mindfulness tools you have learned before to the creation journey.Shouldn't ...

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