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Learn advanced flying in an RAF Advanced trainer.


Welcome to advanced flying at PPL level. Here we will learn to fly the Shorts Tucano which is a gas turbine aircraft with retractable gear as used by the Royal Air Force to train there fighter pilots. ...

Flying training[edit]Linton-on-Ouse provides Basic Fast Jet Training (BFJT) for those students selected for the Fast Jet (FJ) stream. On completion of the course, successful students are awarded their ...

Very important to remember the total layout of the base. Normally you could do this in a vehicle, and studying the airport layout plan. You need to familiarise yourself with the ramp. The taxiways and ...

The Short Tucano is a two-seat turboprop basic trainer built by Short Brothers in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is a licence-built version of the Brazilian Embraer EMB-312 Tucano. The main operator is ...

Since first deliveries to the RAF in 1989, the Tucano is now operated primarily from No. 1 Flying Training School at RAF Linton-on-Ouse to provide basic fast-jet flying training to RAF and RN student ...

Circuit training is sometimes boring but totally necessary at this stage. Do at least 3 per day. Start with normal circuits at 1000 to 1200ft then get lower and tighter as you get better.The Short Tuc ...

In March 2007, regarding experiences from the War in Afghanistan, the British Parliament was debating the idea of replacing Harriers and Tornados for armed Short Tucanos during close air supportmissio ...

Learn about high Angle of attack stalling in high G turns. Accidents and incidentsOn 22 Feb 1990, the first export Tucano Mk 51 ZH203 (destined for Kenya) crashed near Rathlin Island due to tailplane ...

Now this may seem like a silly thing to do. You would certainly spend time in the guardhouse if you were in the RAF. However there is method in my madness. I want you to practice low level rolls. use ...

Now this may seem like a silly thing to do. You would certainly spend time in the guardhouse if you were in the RAF. However there is method in my madness. I want you to practice low level rolls. use ...

Low level navigation briefing. Do 5 hours cross country flying at 500ft AGL.

VFR flight from Linton to Leeds Bradford low level and not above 500ft AGL.

Briefing for flight number 1 in the Lake district.

Bird strikes are a very real danger you have to think calmly before you react.

Low level nav in the lake district with low cloud briefing for flight 2.

In this flight we are getting a good feel of the lake district its clouds and valleys.When you learn how to fly to PPL level you can apply what you know to any aircraft.Learn what you need to know rig ...

Rolling inverted over the top of a blind peak gives you better visibility and keeps the aircraft in positive G.

The dread of every pilot, Ditching in the sea.

Ditching in a lake in the lake district.

I often have music on when I fly I find it inspiring.

Formation flying is a lot easier in real life than on a sim, so if you can crack it here you will clean up in the sky.

Anglesey Airport (Maes Awyr Môn) (IATA: VLY, ICAO: EGOV) is an airport owned by the Isle of Anglesey County Council on land leased from the Defence Infrastructure Organisation. The airport is situate ...

Checkout my lecture Fast Jet training on the Hawk T1 here at Valley.

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