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Instructional Painting Video with additional Art Business Lectures!


Learn to paint an adorable grizzly bear and hummingbird in wildflowers step by step!Watch as I do each step, then pause the video and complete the step before moving on. Rewatch any section and take i ...

Choosing a frame for your artChoosing the right frame is one of the most critical aspects of the painting process. It can make or break your paintings, regardless of how good it is. A painting married ...

How to Price your ArtOne of the biggest questions in the art business is how to price your art. Accurately pricing your art takes a lot of consideration and analysis which I will break down for you.  ...

Selling your Art through Sales ChannelsGet your art listed on as many sales channels as you can! In this busy online world today it is so difficult to break through all the noise and images and be see ...

Shipping your ArtworkEventually you will encounter the mundane process of shipping your artwork. Whether it be shipping prints to customers or artwork to galleries, I never enjoy visiting the shipping ...

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