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Learn to paint any subject by painting this watercolor landscape, and see how easy it is to plan, design then paint.


Please read the descriptions in every lecture as there will be further information and extra resources.

Here I talk about the drawing that will form the basis for the painting. I will explain how I went about it and why and there will be the drawing for you to download to trace/transfer if you wish. ...

I will explain during the video why I suggest you stick to certain colours, not just for realism but also that your painting may have cohesion and not become confusing by mixing too many differe ...

We will get the wash in here first. It is the biggest area requiring a big wash. So don't be intimidated, we'll do it together, then that's the hardest stage out of the way. Yippee !

We have started at the top with the sky and now we are moving our way down. And now we will start to paint the scenery furthest away, the hills and gradually come forward. In the resources belo ...

This video may look a little different as I have changed the camera format to help you see the painting easier, I hope. Here we are starting to work our way down the painting, doing the distant tr ...

Here we will start to add more greens in different shades, remembering that the more distant the colours, the more pale they get.

I will take you though some of the gaps I filled in, off camera, and show you how to create the impression of a window and how to lift some colour from the paper

Here  return to the chateau, after lifting a lot of it out, to paint it back in. This lecture illustrates how flexible watercolours CAN be, it you know what to do. I zoomed in on the area, so eve ...

Here I will show you how I mixed my shades of greens, keeping to the limited palette. Remember to keep changing you water.Two jars, one for rinsing your brush and one for mixing your colours. ...

Here I will take you through the process I used for painting in the vines. I zoomed in so you could get a better look and it looks quite messy when you just concentrate on one area this close. Re ...

This lecture has been added following advice from the clever people at Udemy. Happy painting, Nicola

Following on from what you have learned on course I thought I would add this short film to show you some of the scenery where I live and to ask you to consider, if you were going to do a painting of ...

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