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Learn to Fly fast jet performance twin engine bomber


Pilots today train, get checked out and get type rated on simulators.  It takes 10 years to train a Tornado pilot. I learned to take off fly it and land it in 15 hours. Now ok to be fair I am a real ...

Not at all designed for aeros but you can do a limited amount.

Run through where the gear lever is, the speed brakes and the flaps. Thrust reverser and swing wing operation.

The heads up display is a great help to flying as you maintain more of your attention outside the cockpit.

Introduction to the Tornado Auto pilot system. Which can follow the terrain at a given height up to 1500ft AGL or maintain a given altitude. It can also manage the throttles for best fuel efficiency a ...

Terrain following...Awesome feature the civi planes seriously lack.

Lets go take the bird for a fly!

Hydraulics can fail leaving your wings swept right back. so you have to practice landing like that  with no flaps as the flaps only work with the wings fully forward.

Bird strikes are a major hazard to aircraft, they can damage aircraft in a big way, some pilots have had to eject and the aircraft was lost.

The RAF used to train there Tornado pilots at Lossiemouth. Why not learn to fly your Tornado here?

Going around and around is essential to getting your landing perfect.

While the Tornado was never designed for carrier opps it has an arrester hook and it is possible to land on an aircraft carrier.

Pick somewhere nice with hills and do some low level flying.

Using a map and a stopwatch put a cross on the map every 6 mins where you think the aircraft is. Flight is from Perth in Scotland to Valley in north wales.

Another nav ex requiring you to put in 6 min markers, this time some of the flight is in and above cloud.

People learn to fly for many reasons. For me it is LOVE.

Mastering the landing is all important, also try not to touchdown before the piano keys or the numbers. Sirri Island Airport (IATA: SXI, ICAO: OIBS) (Persian: فرودگاه سیری‎) is a regional ...

I decided to fly the GR4 all the way around the world and I enjoyed it tremendously. You can do it too in an aircraft of your choice. FOR FREE. why not?

Using the Terrain following radar and auto pilot navigate your aircraft in grotty viz.

A good days flying and the Tonka is put to bed back in Lossiemouth.

Talk through of a low level exercise from Lossiemouth down Loch Ness and around the valleys.

What Air Accidents Investigation Branch doesThe Air Accidents Investigation Branch investigates civil aircraft accidents and serious incidents within the UK, its overseas territories and crown depende ...

In real time and weather VR supersonic under Tower Bridge. Just for fun we would never try this for real. One RAF pilot did it in a Hawker hunter at around 400 knots and was fired as soon as he landed ...