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Learn Reiki level 2 and become a certified Usui Reiki Therapist Practitioner


Learn about Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy course training provider.

A text document to read with some assignments in for assessments.

Reiki and professional practices.  Consultation, diagnosis, prescribing.  When disclosure is relevant and to whom to disclose.

Buidling upon earlier lectures we look at some workplace legal requirements.

Here in the UK everything is regulated by a Law!  Whether you practice in the workplace, if you are to practice Reiki at home, or in a clinic or other workplace you need to know about health and safe ...

Background information about symbols.

Students learn what each symbol means and how they can be used.

A video to demonstrate drawing the three sacred symbols students learn at this level.

A demonstration of using the symbols to create a sacred healing space.

A summary video of the process and practices

We have looked at healing / curing here we take a look at Dr Usui's thoughts around this matter.

Introducing the use of sacred symbols into therapy...

In this video my volunteer client has reclined and I talk him through a few actions before progressing onto therapy application in the next video. 

Distance healing... getting creative.. hand made, home made... and doesn't cost a lot to make.

This is a meditation I was very lucky to come across and use personally.  I found it very helpful and share with students.

Students learn how to open spiritual chakra centres.

A demonstration video of the chakra balancing practices.

Deborah demonstrates how to use chakra balancing with Reiki energy to release fear, anxiety and panic.

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