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Most accurate, powerful, holistic, unique and practical way of tarot reading you will ever find! Launched Feb 2020


Introduction for the course. 

[Short introduction] People often mixes up healing work and psychic work. You need to know the fact that energy work could be harmful to yourself, which nobody rarely talks about. If you do not know h ...

"Logical way of reading tarot" is one of the best ways to minimise the risk on energy work.I will share how this special method works and you will know why it's so logic. I do not explain the fol ...

NO...  I never want to be seen as a mysterious witch - even though I was born with a witch nose and always checking/cleansing energies. How "logical me" had attracted into tarot.

What tarot could bring into people's lives. My parents cases.

Oh No! Advices I was giving could have been just confusing people!!!

There are some BASIC RULES to follow, if you want to read tarot seriously.Simply readTrust - Messages are from their inner wisdom.Confidentiality and Ethics

Rules continued :-It's not a gameDrop your EgoWe can change our future

More detail information on how energy work operates. "It is for someone's highest good" does not opt out you from the risk, because...Something you should be mindful about if you work with energi ...

Please print out worksheet for your note.

Let's start spreading the cards!

Step by step guide for how to spread.

For some positions, you need to know what quality you are looking for, as to  find more potential from the reading.

After the main spread, you can go deeper with choice reading.

Confirming the messages through oracle cards is "beautiful".

I had about 60reading last month, so I could easily ask my clients to be here as a sample, but I decided not to. I will leave some space here for your reading to share. It could be your own reading, o ...

Something I started to see as I have been giving tarot readings to others."Flow of Life" is my original concept in spirituality, through tarot.From here, I learnt that  'Positive thinking ' ...

Unless you practice, you will never become confident enough.To build up confidence, use your cards. Have practice sessions. PLEASE!!!!

What to do and what to avoid.

I love to hear your experience! How long did it take for you to be here?? Is there any amazing reading you have given already??I am here to hear your voice! I am here to work with you!

Always open to learn!  why they come out? what are they telling? Pick up the essence - the core message from the cards. Even simple pairs could have deeper message.

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