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The easiest pragmatic method of induction of a lucid dream and an astral projection.


Why should you engage in this course rather than any other course on the market that proposes similar results?We will focus on the idea of "direct to the point" rather than diluting ourselves into an ...

There are many different kinds of experiences that could be and certainly are interrelated:Lucid DreamingAstral ProjectionOut-Of-Body ExperienceAltered States Of AwarenessSleep ParalysisVibrational St ...

This is one the less underlined and understood subjects in the field of Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection that are making a practitioner spend unnecessary time on the difficult approaches rather tha ...

The information is split in 3 parts that are presented separately and are re-assembled at the end. So these parts will be first explained to you to help you follow up the information presented.

This is the part where many novice apprentices fail because the information that circulates on internet is inaccurate to say the least is actually misleading!On one side the idea of "separation" from ...

The nature and the function of a technique is always the same. This is another part where many practitioners fail, thinking that techniques are magic wands creating the experience while their nature i ...

We will focus on 3 primary senses: touch, visual and auditory.Let's talk about the technique based on the sense of touch and movement first!

This technique will take advantage of the dream state revealing itself with the "dream sounds".

This technique will make you either teleport you to a dream location or make you realize to be laying in a dream bed in which case you will have to "separate".

A few more techniques and most importantly this part will tell you what is the best way to perform any technique to induce a Lucid Dream or an Astral Projection.

This is the part where you learn what you will do exactly during an awakening. Listen to this part carefully as well as the final word right after. And maybe go through it more than 1-3 times. Please ...

Here we will accentuate once again on what will bring you to successful practice.We will also talk about the basic dreaming dynamics which will allow you to "fight" premature awakenings and also the l ...

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